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Keller and her collaborators have since supported these findings with additional evidence from Texas and northeastern Mexico published in EPSL in 2007 and the Journal of the Geological Society of London in 2009, respectively.
In 2008, Keller and her team reported in EPSL the first direct link that the KT extinction coincided with the end of the second phase of Deccan eruptions.
1 by the Geological Society of India builds on Keller's 2008 paper in EPSL.
15 in EPSL, Keller and her co-authors provide a supporting and more nuanced depiction of conditions during the Deccan period.
Rhenium in the Black Sea: comparison with molybdenum and uranium // EPSL.
During the second half of 2009, EPSL ran extensive competitive vendor evaluations with an emphasis on reproductive and fetal pathology.
EPSL will be using Instem's Software-as-a-Service model allowing them to access Provantis[TM] over the Internet.
In addition to the benefits of their software solution, it's obvious to me that Instem will become a true extension of our business, ensuring we receive the highest amount of value from our investment," states Gary Wnorowski, President of EPSL.
EPSL is also benefiting from Instem's Specialized Solutions program, which is specifically designed for clients needing a more tailored approach to implementation, training, validation and support services.
EPSL now has ON-demand access to educational industry experts to help with a new study design, more advanced learning or anything else that can maximize their use of Instem software solutions.