EPSMÉtablissement Public de Santé Mentale (French: Public Institution for Mental Health)
EPSMEquine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy
EPSMEngineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine
EPSMEuropean Association of Payment Service Providers for Merchants
EPSMEuropean Pine Shoot Moth
EPSMEnvironmental Protection Society of Malaysia (Selangor, Malaysia)
EPSMEnhanced Performance Surface Mount
EPSMEcho Planar Shift Mapping
EPSMEnvelope Power Spectrum Model
EPSMEarly Primary Surrogate Mother (non-parent caregiver)
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In addition to several OCM and NPM students who continued the work of their predecessors, students from the newly launched EPSM program brought to the class an orientation toward those dimensions of the project that would involve interactions with such entities as the DC Department of the Environment, the District Department of Housing and Community Development, and the Enterprise Community Partners Green Cities Initiative.
A DSI Israel spokesman stated that the balance of capitalized costs associated with EPSM at March 31, 1998 was $4.
A Company spokesman stated that, although management at both DSI Israel and DSSI continues to believe that its capitalization of software development costs associated with EPSM has been in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles both in Israel and the United States, it had decided not to appeal the order in the Israeli courts.
In its report to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, DSI Israel stated that it believed that its capitalization of software development costs associated with EPSM has been in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted both in Israel and the United States.
A study by the EPSM (Market Signal Survey Station) of the Observatory of Healthcare Human Resources shows that in the state of Parana, 89% of the municipalities have fewer than 0.
The increase in research and development expenses was primarily attributable to continued development expenses relating to the Company's EPSM product and to write downs of all previously capitalized software costs relating to the Company's PHD(TM) and CybrCard(TM) products in the first quarter of 1997.
Major organization : EPSM MORBIHAN (26560005600013)