EPSMAEuropean Power Supply Manufacturers Association
EPSMAEuropean Pressure Sensitive Manufacturers Association (trade association)
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For more information on LPS, contact the EPSMA at (800) 607-3772 or visit www.
7, 1997--The European Power Supply Manufacturers Association (EPSMA) named Unitrode Corporation (NYSE:UTR) as the "Best Semiconductor Vendor to the Power Supply Industry, as rated by the EPSMA membership, for 1996.
The award was presented at the EPSMA Annual General Meeting recently held at Electronica in Munich.
Unitrode was selected among twenty-six competitors as a result of a detailed questionnaire completed by EPSMA members who rated their suppliers based on four performance criteria: product quality/reliability, delivery, commercial service level and technical support.
Jan Tips, chairman of the EPSMA commented, "The quality award scheme was established by the EPSMA to improve awareness among semiconductor and passive component suppliers of the size and importance of the power supply industry.