EPSOEuropean Personnel Selection Office (EU)
EPSOEuropean Plant Science Organisation (Brussels, Belgium)
EPSOEl Paso Symphony Orchestra
ePSOThe Electronic Payment Systems Observatory
EPSOEvolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithm)
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The master schedule now had to allow for an academy's teachers to come together weekly during the day to discuss the academic and behavioral progress of their students, plan interdisciplinary lessons, and better understand EPSOs and ICs aligned with their academy.
Esta propuesta de variante X-PSO presenta una alteracion respecto de la topologia de comunicacion entre las particulas en cada instancia de decision o iteracion algoritmica respecto de la que emplea la X forma EPSO.
The aim of this function is to minimize the difference between the learning objects selected by EPSO and the target assigned by instructors on each assessment criterion.
La X-PSO EPSO (Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization), combina la programacion evolucionaria mediante operadores evolutivos similares a los establecidos para los algoritmos geneticos (particularmente: mutacion, seleccion, combinacion) con el movimiento PSO, que se aplican sobre sus parametros y optimo global en la instancia de iteracion k-esima.
Michael Brannick, President and CEO of Prometric, said, "The level of professionalism, dedication, collaboration and partnership that has been demonstrated over the course of our relationship with EPSO is truly inspiring.
EPSO Mis looking to make an announcement in the coming week over whether this year's Derby will have sponsorship, writes Graham Green.
EPSO wishes to enter into a framework service contract to receive support for the running of assessment centres as the final step of the selection procedure of permanent officials staff for the EU I/B/A.
This contract involves providing consultancy services in examination and selection techniques used under the 'certification' procedure in partnership with EPSO and the School.