EPSREthernet Protected Switched Ring
EPSREuropean Pillar of Social Rights (EU)
EPSRElectric Power Systems Research (journal)
EPSREthernet Protection Switching Ring
EPSREuropean Political Science Review (journal)
EPSREmpirical Potential Structure Refinement
EPSREconomic and Philosophic Science Review (newspaper; UK)
EPSREnhanced Platinum Sector Regime (Zimbabwe)
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The EESC already welcomed the debate on the social dimension of Europe and EPSR in two opinions adopted this year, following referrals from the Commission, a hearing with key stakeholders and the outcomes of national debates with civil society organised by the EESC in all Member States involving some 1800 participants.
Apart from urging the Member States to endorse the EPSR, as this would entail a political commitment on their part to deliver on it, the EESC is also putting a strong emphasis on the need for a clear roadmap for the EPSR's implementation.
Gabriele Bischoff, President of the EESC's Workers' Group and rapporteur of the two EESC opinions on the EPSR said: "Time is running out for Europe to deliver for the working people.
Implementing the EPSR through the European Semester could be a first step in this process.
The EPSR C invests approximately 740 million [pounds sterling] a year in research and postgraduate training in various technological disciplines.
EPSR minimizes the impact of failures by diverting traffic around the failure point in under 50-ms, providing the Quality of Experience (QoE) IP Triple Play subscribers expect and demand from their service providers.
Deployed in redundant fashion, the CFC56 and GE8 can support up to 8 EPSR edge aggregation networks while simultaneously providing a 10G network uplink via the XE1 WAN module.
Compatible with RFC3619, EPSR allows Service Providers to connect networks into self- healing logical rings, and provide 50 millisecond hitless failover in the event of network failures.