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EPSSElectronic Proposal Submission System (EC)
EPSSElectronic Performance Support System
EPSSEmergency Power Supply System
EPSSE-Point Septal Separation
EPSSEnvironment Protection & Safety Section (Dubai, AE)
EPSSExpert Performance Support System
EPSSElectrical Power Sub-System
EPSSEnhanced Packet Switching Service
EPSSEarly Psychosis Support Service (Edinburgh, Scotland)
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Although many of the readers of this journal may be familiar with the term EPSS, I assume that, like the person who attended that STC Annual Conference session, some of the basic design concepts are not widely understood.
The aim of this special section is not to be the definitive word on EPSS--the concept of EPSS is simply too encompassing for that.
The EPSS components were also rated agree or strongly agree, indicating that the pilot group found the simulation strategy provided for active learning, diverse methods of learning, had high and positive expectations for students, and provided for collaborative and team-building opportunities.
I think that it is part of an ongoing challenge in system design to broaden the context that we consider as a part of design [1] that leads to the desire to differentiate EPSS from "other" systems.
This one introduces the breadth of decision-making required in EPSS design.
Another important distinction should also be made when the goal of the EPSS is to provide assistance in performing a task as opposed to assistance in learning the task.
When an EPSS supports something more abstract or conceptual, however, this attribute is important.
Application of Performance Technology in Educational Technology Training for Middle and Primary School Teachers and The Design of EPSS.
While the participants' descriptions of PD were based on their individual perceptions, their descriptions of PD were triangulated with the information analyzed in the district's EPSS.
In a new attempt, an online EPSS named BILEP was developed in this study to support computer ethics education and ethical decision-making processes.
Luckily, the EPSS study revealed that with the exception of only Guinea Bissau and Liberia, all the banks in the rest 13 countries in the region are already operating on the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system, which is a critical pre-condition for the operation of the EPSS," the Commissioner revealed, adding that the Commission is using a strategic approach in the EPSS process with the participation of all regional stakeholders including regional central banks, national inter-bank payment and settlement systems, West African Monetary Agency (WAMA) West African Bankers Association (WABA), switch operators in
No Brasil, foi elaborado um site, utilizando o googledocs, para abrigar o questionario demografico e as escalas ESSS, EPSS e MBI-SS.