EPSSSExempt Public Sector Superannuation Scheme (Australia)
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Com relacao a generalizacao, o estudo limitou-se a uma Unidade Basica de Saude, necessitando validar seus resultados e a EPSSS em outros equipamentos de saude.
Specifically, EPSSs are intended to improve workers ability to perform tasks that contribute to the company's bottom line.
EPSSs also include intelligent assistants like wizards (which perform difficult and rarely performed tasks for users), cue cards (which guide users through a task step-by-step but do not perform the task for them), and coaches (which advise users).
This article is the first of several on the design of EPSSs. This one introduces the breadth of decision-making required in EPSS design.
The guiding philosophy for electronic performance support systems (EPSSs) is stated in their name: performance.
It seems appropriate to examine how EPSSs have evolved and where they seem to be headed as these systems enter their second decade.
There are two distinct ways of evaluating EPSSs: by examining their results, and by examining the systems analytically to see what they do and how they do it.
It first explores the feasibility of wearable EPSSs. Next, it explores human factors considerations in designing wearable EPSSs.
Before designers of everyday EPSSs could conceive of designing wearable systems, researchers would have to prove the concept--that is, demonstrate its feasibility.
EPSSs can provide more than traditional training and documentation.
The next several sections explore some of the key issues, including adaptation of e-commerce technology to EPSSs, and the roles of trust in automated systems, personalization and privacy, and control.
In general, EPSSs require more up-front investment than traditional documentation and training.