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EPTEuropean Poker Tour
EPTÉducation Pour Tous
EPTEnglish Placement Test
EPTEarly Pregnancy Test
EPTEl Paso, Texas (border patrol sector)
EPTEphemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera
EPTError Proof Test (over the counter pregnancy test product)
EPTEmpire of the Petal Throne (fantasy role-playing game)
EPTEthylene Propylene Terpolymer
EPTEctopic Pregnancy Trust (Uxbridge, UK
EPTEquipment Performance Tracking
EPTEarliest Possible Time
EPTExcess Profits Tax
EPTEastern Prevailing Time
EPTElectrical Plastic Tubing
EPTEn Plan Travesti (Spanish)
EPTEssential Portfolio Theory (investing)
EPTElectric Pulp Test (endodontics)
EPTEnterprise Profit Tax
EPTEgress Procedures Trainer
EPTEmergency Procedures Training
EPTEducational Philosophy and Theory
EPTEnterprise Process Team
EPTElectrical Product Team
EPTElectronic Power Transfer (construction)
EPTEngineering Process Team
EPTEstatus de Protección Temporal (Spanish)
EPTExperimental Prototype Test
EPTEnvironment Protection Toilet
EPTEvoked Potential Technologist
EPTEvolutionary Personality Theory
EPTExploration and Production Technology (various locations)
EPTEasy Pool Tutor (billiards)
EPTEvaluation Project Team (various organizations)
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EPT, which has superior resistance to heat and cold, UV rays, and chemicals, besides good electric insulation and other exceptional properties, is extensively used in automotive parts (glass run channel, weatherstripsponge, etc.
These additions include alterations to the Mineral Extraction Tax (MET), bonuses imposed on new sub-surface users for signing E&P agreements and for the commercial discoveries, the rent tax on exports (RTE), capital allowances for the CIT and EPT, provisions for tax losses relating to sub-surface use, and the crude oil export duty (see the background of the PSA and the EPT and their implications for operators and Astana in gmt4KazE&P-July23-12).
In addition to the EPT Main Event, a total of 21 events are priced at [euro]500 and below - more than ever before - giving a wider spectrum of players the best opportunity to get in on the action.
The Company believes undertaking an extensive EPT will assist in minimising risks related to developing the field for long-term, sustained production.
Season 10 of the EPT builds on the success of a decade of world-class live poker events, and major poker festivals will be held in Barcelona, London, Prague, Deauville, Vienna and Sanremo, with the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final to be held in Monaco.
to manufacture and distribute EPT (ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer).
The EPT owned all of Eaga when it was restructured as an employee-owned limited company in 2000, and retained 37% of shares after Eaga's stock market flotation in 2007.
EPT Taxa for macroinvertebrates collected at fifteen sites on the upper Cahaba River: Summer 2001 (Su01), Spring 2002 (Sp02), Fall 2002 (Fa02), and Summer 2003 (Su03); collecting and analysis by Riffle/Run (R), EPA (E), and ADEM (A) protocols; Goodner Mountain Road (GM), Deerfoot Parkway (DF), Grants Mill Road (GR), Caldwell Mill Road (CM), Riverford Drive (RD), above the Cahaba WWTP (UP), below the Cahaba WWTP (DN), Chace Lake CC (CL), Bains Bridge (BB), Hoover High School (HH), Deep Pool (DP), Shelby County 52 (52), Piper Bridge (PB), Riverbend (26), and Centreville (CE).
To this end, EPT Exemplary Initiations to recognize and induct deserving AVA and now ACTE members at their national conferences began a number of years ago.
Prior to EPT, Lamberth was Founder and President of AIM Resources (now Resident Data).