EPTHEast Pass Townhomes
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We grouped them exactly as described above: learners whose scores fell at or above the 50th percentile were classified as Group 1D (epth), and those whose scores fell below the 50th percentile rank were classified as Group 2D (for a summary of each group's performance on the WAT, see Table 3).
Finally, the EPTH assay differed from the T-PTH and I-PTH assays in that it could be saturated by hPTH(18-48) and reacted slightly better with hPTH(1-84) than with hPTH(7-84) and [[Tyr.sup.34]]hPTH(19-84).
Basic surveying methods were used to measure channel geometry and metal rod penetrometers to measure sediment d epth to the nearest 0.1 m (Goudie 1990; Wood & Gilmer 1996).
As compared to industry case studies (in this article) which only capture the salient characteristics of individual firms, in-d epth studies of individual cases can reveal significant variations and unique combinations.
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