EPTLEstates Powers and Trusts Law
EPTLEuropean Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas
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8 mtpa mine and EPTL is developing a 660 MW project at Thar.
The circumstances behind enactment of the EPTL, including Article 10 (Powers), bear discussion.
62) To that end, the 1964 legislation on powers was effectively transported, with minor changes, into Article 10 (Powers) of the EPTL.
As a result, I recommend that the EPTL statutes set forth above be repealed with my recommended statute serving as a replacement.
Regarding the elimination of antiquated rules, consider EPTL 106.
The EPTL terminal follows the internationally accepted procedure to unload LPG.
2 of the EPTL, commonly referred to by estate practitioners as the "paternity statute.
Significantly, the provisions of the New York Family Court Act ("FCA") and the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules ("CPLR") are less archaic than those of the EPTL when it comes to recognizing the evidentiary use of DNA in proving paternity.
EPTL is the first joint venture of Engro as a result of diversification from its core business of urea production.
2 of the EPTL, (5) the trust automatically terminated if the individual named as the sole trustee was also named as a beneficiary since the trust would effectively be passive, and the trustee would have no duties to carry out.
The court concluded that "creation of a general exception to EPTL [section] 9-1.
5 cusecs of treated water for the functioning of EPTLs power project in Block-II.