EPTSExisting Prior To Service (an injury existing before the military member enlisted)
EPTSEmergency Patient Tracking System (Raytheon Company)
EPTSEuropean Platform of Transport Sciences (Germany)
EPTSEarly Psychosis Treatment Service (est. 1996; Canada)
EPTSElectronic Paper Technology Solutions
EPTSEarly Post-Traumatic Seizure (head injuries)
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We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with other members of EPTS in working to align the terminology used around the industry for event technologies, to make it easier for our clients to make sense of the work that we and others are doing to further define and understand this category," said Charles Brett, Principal Analyst in Forrest Research.
The development of the EPTS glossary is an ongoing effort, and input to the next version of the glossary is welcome.
The EPTS membership is open to any organization wishing to further the practice of event processing.
One of the ways that EPTS will make a very real difference is by producing and maintaining a standard glossary of terms.
This EPTS effort will have significant benefit for many aspects of lives of people across the globe.
EPTS automates the collection and dissemination of patient information and status through use of patient medical identification tags containing bar codes with the patient's current location, medical status, and demographics.
Among the initial deliverables of the EPTS is a common glossary describing key industry terms.
In addition, the EPTS is forming three additional work groups:
Organizations or individuals interested in joining the EPTS, can send an email to info@ep-ts.
The next EPTS meeting will be held on September 17-19, 2008 in Stamford, CT.
Coral8 is proud and excited to be a founding and steering committee member of the EPTS to help further industry knowledge and use of event processing software," said John Morrell, Director of Product Marketing, Coral8, Inc.
With its EPTS, a key component of the communications portion of the MMRS, Raytheon's contribution to multi-casualty incidents will be very significant in saving lives and coordinating local area hospital response to such emergencies," Lowell added.