EPTTExtraction Procedure Toxicity Test
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Application Programming Interfaces (API) Integration -- Leading field service software providers can incorporate real-time push-to-talk communication into their dispatch systems through AT&T EPTT APIs.
Secure Communication -- AT&T EPTT meets the requirements of Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2.
The Scout(TM) console system supports communication with AT&T EPTT handsets as well as Land Mobile Radio and wireline networks - using industry standard protocols, without donor devices or cables.
Two-way radio dealers and solution providers can use AT&T EPTT to make their service portfolios stronger and maintain a long-term, trusted relationship with their customers.
For our staff, having the ability to communicate at the touch of a button is critical and AT&T EPTT provides a fast and reliable way to help us stay connected.
With this capability, field workers can access AT&T EPTT with a smartphone, rugged device or LMR.
By offering a wide array of mobile devices, accessories and applications, AT&T EPTT delivers the communications experience the field workers need to get the job done.
The AT&T EPTT lineup now features more than 20 devices with the Samsung Rugby 4.
EPTT is designed to work over compatible Wi-Fi networks and AT&T cellular wireless data network.
AT&T EPTT with Integrated Dispatch provides companies with a dashboard view of deployed resources in near real time.
Launched in 2012, AT&T EPTT has been serving businesses in a variety of industries such as transportation, shipping, healthcare, government, and education.