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EPUEconomic Planning Unit (Malaysia)
EPUE Pluribus Unum
EPUEnergy Processing Unit
EPUExamen Periódico Universal (Spanish: Universal Periodic Review; UN)
EPUExtended Power Uprate (nuclear power)
EPUEuropean Payments Union (organization formed after WWII)
EPUEmergency Power Unit (F-16 Aircraft)
EPUEarly Pregnancy Unit (hospitals)
EPUEarnings Per Unit
EPUEuropean Peace University (Austria)
EPUEnvironmental Protection Unit
EPUElectrical Power Unit
EPUEuropean University Centre for Peace Studies
EPUEuropean Political Union
EPUElliptically Polarized Undulator
EPUEstimated Position Uncertainty
EPUEuropean Pharmaceutical Union
EPUExternal Power Unit
EPUEvil Parallel Universe (firedoglake)
EPUExtended Processing Unit
EPUEmergency Psychiatric Unit
EPUElectronic Processor Unit
EPUExcess Property Unit
EPUElectronic Program Update
EPUEquivalent Power Unit
EPUExeter Political Union (Phillips Exeter Academ, Exeter, NH)
EPUEditorial and Publications Unit (Philippines)
EPUEcole Polytechnique Universitaire (French: Polytechnic University)
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Very quickly, the arrangements for the EPU came close to collapse because of German balance-of-payments deficits.
We need an EPU as a watchdog for all parts of the government.
As men and women in the West join the scuffle to obtain supplies of Viagra, EPU sources put local pharmacists' losses at E269 million [pounds sterling] ($92 million) in the last three months alone.
As EPU chief since 1991, he also oversees Malaysia's aggressive thrust into privatization of government utilities, the biggest being in electricity and telecommunications.
According to a representative with the Cellular Centre in Sudbury, a call scrambled by an EPU can be received by a cellular phone which is not EPU-equipped.
Since 2010, Exelon has been working with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to complete a comprehensive design review and perform a host of EPU equipment upgrades, including the replacement of high and low-pressure turbines, steam dryers and main power transformers on both units.
According to the IDC Analysis - EPU Software Testing Roadmap Study 2013, the global software testing market, which stood at US$42 billion in 2012, has the potential to grow up to US$94 billion by 2020.
While participating in Operation NOBLE EAGLE, Capt Beck experienced an uncommanded EPU activation upon engine shutdown.
With worldwide 3G Wireless WAN, Wi-Fi, Class 1 Bluetooth, a powerful 400 MHz EPU and dedicated processor for diagnostics, expanded 1/0 capabilities for additional peripheral sensors, Trimble's advanced GPS chipset and modular architecture, the TV6850 extends the functionality of the family of TrimFleet products.
One current location is Kuwait Naval Base, where EPU units are mobilized for a one-year tour to support the rotation of troops and their equipment for both Iraq and Afghanistan.