EPUAPEuropean Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel
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Bruin Biometrics will present these data in detail during a two-week EU clinical and policy presentation series under the theme, "Making Pressure Ulcer Prevention Possible," between March 31 and April 11, 2014, including a presentation at the 2nd Focus Meeting of the EPUAP April 7 - 9, 2014.
Recommendations were developed based on available scientific evidence, rated for strength of evidence, and then reviewed by NPUAP directors, EPUAP guidelines development group, and stakeholders from many countries.
Market Analysis III-30 Outlook III-30 EPUAP and NPUAP to Develop New International Pressure Ulcer Guidelines III-30 Key Research in Pressure Ulcer Development Area in the Recent Years III-31 Aging Population Statistics III-31 Table 40: European Aging Population by Age Group: 1975-2050 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-31 Strategic Corporate Development III-32 Select Regional Players III-32 B.