EPUDEmerald People's Utility District (Eugene, OR)
EPUDEmerald People's Utility Department (Eugene, OR)
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In the case of the Cres well Food Pantry, the grant's benefits were twofold," EPUD Board President Ron Davis said, "bringing renewable energy into the area and reducing the organization's operating costs, freeing up funds that can now be put toward helping those they serve.
The contract between Greenland and EPUD calls for installation of units in March 1997, and incorporates the latest version of the AirLink system, including full 2-way wireless communications from each electric meter to the utility central station.
Coe is publicly supported by a majority of EPUD employees, and bringing him back will save the utility the trouble and expense of an executive search.
The board majority in October voted to put Coe on probation, and then pressed him to resign, which he did in November under a deal in which EPUD promised him a separation payment of nearly $125,000.
Board members and employees thanked Theabalt, a longtime EPUD employee who had recently retired, for his willingness to manage EPUD temporarily after Coe was fired.
The petition for release was made by an EPUD customer, Don Beck.
EPUD refused to give the recordings to EPUD customer Don Beck, so he petitioned the district attorney for release of the tapes.
If the people who maintain the power lines and keep track of billing think Coe is the best person for the job, and if the current board majority supports him, there's no reason for EPUD to spend $10,000 or more on an executive search while paying an interim general manager $107 an hour.
EPUD employees had publicly criticized the majority of board members who had concerns about Coe's job performance.
EPUD officials previously said that under its contract with the firm, the utility would get another general manager search at no cost to its ratepayers if Coe left before two years on the job.
If an EPUD employee was concerned about improper actions or conversations by the organization's board members and/or management, the individual should have used legal means to address the concerns.