EPUDEmerald People's Utility District (Eugene, OR)
EPUDEmerald People's Utility Department (Eugene, OR)
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I am very pleased to be entering this second phase of development of the AirLink AMR technology,'' said Jeff Shields, general manager of EPUD.
We are pleased that EPUD has selected the AirLink AMR system,'' said Eric Gaer, president and chief executive officer of Greenland.
The power industry is changing rapidly, and EPUD needs someone that is open to new changes.
I hope you will vote for him as a board director of EPUD District 5.
Angelini said the GREEN grant - which stands for Giving Renewable Energy to Emerald Neighborhoods - is funded entirely by EPUD customers who choose to pay a small premium on their bill each month to support renewable energy.
As for EPUD, the utility has just awarded its second GREEN grant - also for $40,000 - to the Lost Valley Education and Event Center in Dexter.
The Dexter nonprofit organization will use the grant to create a mobile station provide renewable energy education as well as critical services for EPUD customer during localized power outages.
But the lasting impression is of a general manager who believes he's doing EPUD a favor, instead of the other way around.
It's not an auspicious beginning to the new majority's ascendancy, or to Coe's second chance at EPUD.
The board majority in October voted to put Coe on probation, and then pressed him to resign, which he did in November under a deal in which EPUD promised him a separation payment of nearly $125,000.
Coe last week initially rejected offers by the EPUD Board to rehire him at an annual salary of $192,000, or at a salary of $202,000 without the upgraded benefits.
Board members and employees thanked Theabalt, a longtime EPUD employee who had recently retired, for his willingness to manage EPUD temporarily after Coe was fired.