EPVEnergy Photovoltaics, Inc (Robbinsville, NJ)
EPVEntry Point Vector
EPVElectronic Payment Voucher
EPVEquivalent Potential Vorticity
EPVEcrivain Public Virtuel (French)
EPVEarnings Power Value
EPVEndpoint Vector
EPVExtended Precision Vector
EPVEncephaloclastic Proliferative Vasculopathy
EPVElectro Pneumatic Valve
EPVEl Perro Verde (Spanish)
EPVEstimated Procurement Value
EPVEnd Partner Violence
EPVElectrically Propelled Vehicle
EPVElevated Platform Vehicle
EPVEstimated Project Value
EPVErosion Preventative Vegetation
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EPV will be utilized to manage the extensive copper and fibre-combined infrastructure within the Yuhang branch, which includes approximately 4,000 ports.
EPV accurately maps network's IT assets and immediate alerts to unplanned connectivity changes.
In these cases, brief EPV procedures, such as the paper-and-pencil task employed by Chapman (1996) are preferable because in a brief instrument (e.
check] With EPV Method 2, discount the expected cash flows by a risk-adjusted rate.
For single individuals, the reductions and increases for retired workers are approximately actuarially fair in the sense that the EPV of Social Security benefits, discounted by a 3 percent real rate of interest and annual survival probabilities, varies little with the age of claiming.
Intelligent infrastructure solutions provider RiT Technologies (Nasdaq:RITT) introduced on Monday a new product aimed at the small-to-medium-sized Enterprise market: the EPV Real-Time Connectivity Management solution.
EPV will begin shipments during the first quarter of 2008.
The VP controller with proportioning capability, EPV remote proportioning valve, and RC remote control (available with VP models only) are optional features.
Stan Buisman, QMR Plastics program development and design manager in charge of the EPV (economic plastic valve) project, says the biggest challenge was to develop a really robust assembly design with a highly reliable seal that could handle all types of storage, long-term hard usage with most commodity chemicals, and perform at a wide temperature range.
RHE America has introduced the EPV 25 Sample Valve that allows for sampling during both pressurized and vacuum operation of a reactor at up to 570[degrees]F temperature.
Universal will offer the EPV sensor system as a feature on its recently released platform placement machines that incorporate its new placement head.
The EPV approach has, in fact, evolved into two separate models of an in-country, export-oriented alliance.