EPWPExpanded Public Works Programme (South Africa)
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In all cases, due to the very low silt permeability, the stone columns did not increase overall drainage or decrease the EPWP build-up rate during the shaking phase in any appreciable way.
The EPWP traces measured in the top half of both models at corresponding locations, showed fairly close similarity (with Model 2 EPWP build-up being somewhat slower).
developing partnerships with initiatives such as the EPWP, National Youth Service (NYS), etc.
He explained that while in the country, they would like to visit EPWP projects to see how labour based technology is implemented.
Commenting on the study tour by the Ghanaian delegation, DDG Henderson said the visit was vital because it offered the government of South Africa an opportunity to share its experiences on the EPWP with other countries in the world.
PEP-IMC is a government structure aimed at achieving better synergy between the EPWP and the other poverty alleviation, employment, enterprise development and skills development initiatives.
In South Africa, PEPs are implemented under the auspices of EPWP which is aimed at creating short to medium term work opportunities for poor and unemployed South Africans.
Mahumapelo said through the North West Development Corporation (NWDC), EPWP beneficiaries will also be trained on fields such as security services, this with a view to pave way for them to be absorbed or recruited by institutions such as the South African Police Service (SAPS), the South African National Defense Force (SANDF), State Security Agency (SSA) and other government institutions in the province.
Premier Mahumapelo says the EPWP beneficiaries involvement in the Agriculture, Culture and Tourism sectors cannot be overemphasized.
Through EPWP, we have facilitated a total of 2,3 million work opportunities in the infrastructure, social, environment, culture and the non-state sectors.
In furtherance of the objectives of the programme, we will disburse the EPWP Integrated Grant worth R 1 billion to eligible public bodies and incentivise Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) among other implementers.
Department launches EPWP partnership with FASfacts to combat Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in De Doorns