EPXEpigenetics (healthcare)
EPXElectronic Payment Exchange (Wilmington, DE; est. 1979)
EPXEosinophil Protein X (biochemistry)
EPXEnterprise Private Exchange
EPXEWI (Electric Wind Instrument) Patch Exchange (software)
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At every stage of the payment lifecycle, EPX safeguards Fantastic Sams' customer data with a multi-layered security approach, which allows Fantastic Sams' franchises to reduce the scope of PCI compliance, while providing the ability to accept EMV chip & pin, EMV chip & sign, and magstripe transactions.
NAB will also be able to reach more customers across Latin America and Europe, where the EPX platform has been very successful, Gardner added.
Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against HNL and EPX were produced in mice and cloned for epitope specificity with a Biacore 2000.
FIC delivered the EPX on December 30, 1997, and completed the installation.
New EPX functionality, for both onsite and online technologies, focuses on the guest experiences of viewing, accessing, purchasing and receiving their photo keepsakes whenever and wherever they choose - at multiple venue locations as well as at home.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 11, 2017-Fantastic Sams Hair Care Salons upgrade to Ingenico Group, EPX solution
EPX has been working in tandem with neighbouring firm Studio 2 and commissioned it to design and build exhibition stands.
Unipro used Nansulate[R] High Heat insulation and corrosion control coating and Nansulate[R] EPX, fast-cure, water-based epoxy insulation coating to insulate equipment at their Corlu Tekirdag, Turkey, manufacturing facility.
Teaming with EPX provides a secure and proven way to maximize the organizational impact of self-service by facilitating revenue capture and lowering costs.
Designed for efficiency, the Scotch-Weld EPX II applicator from 3M dispenses a neat bead of adhesive with a simple squeeze, while the dispensing nozzle simultaneously mixes and applies the adhesive for consistent results.
Coats Bulgaria has approved application of Nansulate[R] Translucent High Heat and Nansulate[R] EPX to all their dyeing machinery, steam collectors, steam valves, heat exchangers and hot water pipes.