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EPZExport Processing Zone
EPZEmergency Planning Zone
EPZExport Promotion Zone
EPZEvil Petting Zoo
EPZEcological Protection Zone
EPZErosion-Prone Zone
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The collector added that all the stake holders were being taken onboard to resolve problems of exporters related to the Sialkot EPZ.
The Cuban government has publicly defended the EPZ project, stating that "the Zone will function on the basis of special policies with the goal of promoting sustainable economic development by stimulating international and domestic investment, as well as technological innovation and the concentration of industry.
Ultimately, the EPZ literature can be divided between four primary schools of thought: neo-classical theory, benefit-cost analysis, new growth theory, and the life-cycle approach, which includes Omar and Stoever's [2008] modified life-cycle approach.
Jose Manuel Torres, executive vice president of the Asociacion Dominicana de Zonas Francas (ADOZONA), a trade group that represents companies operating in the EPZs of the Dominican Republic, believes Mariel has a chance if coupled with free-trade agreements such as CAFTA-DR.
Immune to a sagging global economy, firms in the EPZs achieved combined NT$337.
According to the proponents of this approach, the benefits and costs of an EPZ are identifiable and quantifiable over the lifetime of the project (Jayanthakumaran, 2002).
Each EPZ was planned to be set up on 500 acres of land through public-private partnership with the initial investment for land acquisition coming from the BEPZA's own funding.
There are six EPZs approved by the Government of Panama.
Between 1980 and 1990, there was a five-fold increase in the number of EPZ companies as investors from France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Singapore sought preferential access into European markets.
Caution and reflection have been thrown to the wind as countries rush to jump on the EPZ bandwagon.
7) The Off-shore branches of the banks operating in the zone may also be allowed tax holiday as supporting enterprises have been classified as industrial undertaking in EPZ Rules.
In Kenya, EPZ legislation is already in place; and Sameer Industrial Park Ltd.