EPoHExpert Panel on Health (Australia)
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The integrated pharmacy centre developed by Tasmania s EPOH Health has the potential to develop a multi-billion dollar export industry for Australia.
The EPOH deal is designed to provide China with pharmaceutical drugs, health and well-being products, professional education, technology, as well as long-distance visual health and data collection.
This is a vital element in EPOH Health Tasmania securing this agreement.
Peter Hope and his co-Directors of EPOH Health Tasmania are to be congratulated for their vision and all the work they have done to secure this groundbreaking agreement with Australia s biggest trading partner.
Marie, EPOH offers architectural, mechanical, electrical, design, master planning, and interior design services within a catchment area reaching across Ontario, Western Canada and into the United States.
EPOH was shortlisted during the tendering process for the Engineering Centre for Experiential Learning (ExCEL) at Hamilton's McMaster University.
Over the last decade, EPOH has strived to incorporate green building principals into its projects.
Biemann, who serves as the chair for the local chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), is in a unique position as one of the only female principals at a design firm in Northern Ontario, a trend EPOH hopes to see increase across the North.
As outlined to local media by EPOH architect Franco Pastore, the project will be completed in multiple stages to ensure the bridge remains operational while construction is underway.
Local designers EPOH were one of three architectural firms involved.