EQAPExternal Quality Assessment Programme
EQAPElk Quality Assurance Program (Potwin, KS)
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To respond to this growing field and the EU recommendations, EQAPs should address 3 main issues: (a) the validity of genetic test results in diagnostics, (b) the quality of methodology used to obtain genetic test results, and (c) training and dissemination of proficiency in analytical procedures.
The results of both EQAPs were evaluated and compared with the previously described scoring system, termed SEQMA-score (7).
Furthermore, general questions were asked about participation and experience on EQAPs and the training course organization.
We propose that training courses, together with second-round reiterations, should be implemented into methodological EQAPs in molecular diagnostics to improve technical performance and proficiency in genetic testing.
Before adopting any EQAP (state- or industry-sponsored), S.
A 1% increase in the quantity of eggs produced under an EQAP (state- or industry-sponsored) was associated with a 0.
Whether an EQAP was introduced at the beginning of the year or at the end of the year might make a difference, and defining a baseline year might introduce error in the analysis.
Also, our results were based on unverified respondent estimates of the proportion of eggs produced under EQAPs, information about the type of EQAP, and when the EQAP was instituted.
Enteritidis incidence within the state would reflect the effect of the state's EQAP, but this assumption may not be accurate.
Not all egg producers immediately join EQAPs, and the percentage of eggs produced in a state under an EQAP varies as producers adopt or leave EQAPs.
9 Enteritidis incidence (%) after EQAP adoption % eggs produced under EQAP by states 63.
Research to date has focused on verifying the role and effectiveness of EQAPs in mitigating S.