EQAREuropean Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education
EQAREuropean Quality Association for Recycling (Berlin, Germany)
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The international seminar of IAAR and EQAR was organized on the basis of the Kazakh National Choreography Academy.
The EQAR should improve the recognition, by employers and public authorities, of qualifications gained abroad.
s robust EQAR increases the value of a comprehensive EQAR (electronic quality assurance record web application (EQAR)) , provides a solution for its customers and potential customers, improves efficiency and accuracy as well as minimises time required to perform QC testing, said Bryon Murray, CEO of ZapIT
The report is based on the analysis of expert views from all relevant actors and stakeholders in higher education, notably teachers and students, higher education management and internal quality assurance bodies, external quality assurance agencies, EQAR and ministries, and the social partners.