EQASExternal Quality Assessment Schemes
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Reference materials from WHO, BCCL, and Beijing Controls and Standards Biotechnology (BCSB) and quality control materials from Bio-Rad (Hercules, California) were used in the commutability study so as to screen for appropriate reference materials for EQAS.
The mean response rate (participants providing full or partly answers to the EQAS form) for all 3 analytes was 90%.
The samples from BBs for EQAS retesting were tested using third-generation ELISA kits and samples from ICTCs by the kits provided by Delhi State AIDS Control Society.
The results of Table 5 indicate that the scores of unaffiliated firms improve under the scenarios where EQAS and LIQUID are considered as the most important ratios.
Ideally all practicing laboratories, whether government or private, should participate in a national or international EQAS.
Assessing the quality of Salmonella serotyping and antimicrobial susceptibility testing in national laboratories worldwide experiences from four years of WHO Global Salm-Surv EQAS [abstract].
EQAS blood samples from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi were received and processed at Central Diagnostic Laboratories, Shree Krishna Hospital, Karamsad, Gujarat.
For fresh EQAS samples there was a systematic bias between results obtained with different methods.
Diabetes patients participating in the EQAS received 2 control samples by post twice a year.
The spectrophotometric reference method (18) calibrated with NIST Standard Reference Material 917b, was used in 1 center (center 3) to assign target glucose values, traceable to NIST, to a set of frozen serum pools to be used in the EQAS study, established and performed as for Hb [A.
PT and EQAS programs that used carefully collected frozen off-the-clot serum pools, presumably commutable with native clinical sera, and used GC-IDMS as the reference measurement procedure have reported results for evaluation of Creatinine (122,125-128).