EQASExternal Quality Assessment Schemes
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Ideally all practicing laboratories, whether government or private, should participate in a national or international EQAS.
Assessing the quality of Salmonella serotyping and antimicrobial susceptibility testing in national laboratories worldwide experiences from four years of WHO Global Salm-Surv EQAS [abstract].
For fresh EQAS samples there was a systematic bias between results obtained with different methods.
Diabetes patients participating in the EQAS received 2 control samples by post twice a year.
The spectrophotometric reference method (18) calibrated with NIST Standard Reference Material 917b, was used in 1 center (center 3) to assign target glucose values, traceable to NIST, to a set of frozen serum pools to be used in the EQAS study, established and performed as for Hb [A.
EQAS and PT providers should make available commutable materials for regularly recurring assessment of serum creatinine measurement performance in routine clinical laboratories.
In the NOKLUS EQAS for glucose, control materials in 2 concentrations are sent to ~1900 participating Norwegian office laboratories twice a year.
In Norway, the study included GPs participating in 2 different EQAS performed by NOKLUS (one for BG and one for [HbA.
5] Nonstandard abbreviations: ISO, International Organization for Standardization; CDI, Centro Diagnostico Italiano; LIS, laboratory information system; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; EQAS, external quality assessment scheme; GGT, [gamma]-glutamyltransferase; AST, aspartate aminotransferase; CRP, C-reactive protein; and PSA, prostate-specific antigen.
Blood samples provided as part of EQAS (35-37) were also analyzed to provide additional information on the trueness of the method at different concentrations and its long-term performance.