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EQCEnvironmental Quality Council
EQCEarthquake Commission (New Zealand)
EQCEnvironmental Quality Control
EQCExternal Quality Control
EQCEquivalent Circuit
EQCExecutive Quality Council
EQCEuropean Quality Circle
EQCExemption Quantitation Criteria
EQCEquivalent Cases
EQCEverQuest Classic (video game)
EQCEngineering Quick Change (engineering design)
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The environmental quality limit (EQL) is calculated by multiplying the EQC value (mg/L) by the stream low-flow value (L/ day) to derive a site-specific limit (mg/day).
A review is under way on the structure and parameters for future EQC cover, aiming to build on the experiences of the Canterbury earthquakes.
This along with the loss of our home, ongoing issues with EQC, Insurance, poor work environment and permanent injury and ongoing issues to a family member makes life more than challenging.
Thus, this assumption of estimation accuracy implies that the actual MH for each quarter and year will correspond exactly to the EQC and EAC measures, respectively.
On April 28, the EQC expected that up to 20,000 homes could be in the 'most severely damaged' category, and said these could now be assessed by private insurance companies to expedite claims.
He said 800 million NZ dollars has been spent for residential claims to EQC and another 175 million NZ dollars on wage subsidies and job loss assistance in the wake of September 2010 and February 2011 quakes.
All homes would be ranked into categories of damage, and then homeowners would be given a timeframe for when they would receive a full EQC assessment.
IRC = Interest Rate Contracts FEC = Foreign Exchange Contracts EQC = Equity Contracts COC = Commodity Contracts
This second consecutive award demonstrates the efforts and initiatives made by the whole team at EQC, particularly with regard to its understanding and implementation of many of the improvements highlighted by last years entry.
My recommendation is to continue to conduct QC every eight hours with two levels included within every 24 hours and do not implement these EQC options.
6) As part of the study section 1(c) of the joint resolution asked EQC to examine the degree to which MEPA "results in government accountability" and "Montanans are informed of and participate in state agency decisions.
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