EQFEuropean Qualifications Framework
EQFEqualizer Setting File
EQFEstimation Quality Factor (project managment)
EQFExamens de Qualification Français (French: French Qualifying Exams; European Patent Office)
EQFEquipment Failure
EQFEqual Flexibility
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In the context of EQF, the term 'qualification' is defined as "a formal outcome of an assessment and validation process which is obtained when a competent body determines that an individual has achieved learning outcomes to given standards".
With roots dating back to the 1970s, EQF provides financing for business equipment to middle market companies.
This political support for the initiative from the European Council is significant, as the legal text establishing the EQF was only adopted by Council and Parliament in the form of a legally non-binding recommendation.
The EQF follows other cross-border initiatives in this area such as the Bologna process for higher education and the Europass CV system and is intended to be used alongside the Europass.
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Through its quality assurance process, the organization gives recognition to exercise professionals who are qualified to do their jobs by meeting the standards specified in the official European Qualification Framework (EQF) - EQF level 3 for Group Fitness Instructor and EQF level 4 for Personal Trainer.
What is the implementation of EQF (European Qualifications Framework) and development of national qualification framework?
At a conference in Budapest in February 2006, convened to consider recommendations relating to the EQF, a large measure of agreement was achieved on the way forward for a streamlined Europe-wide approach to lifelong learning, based on the assessment of knowledge, skills and competence, and taking account of individuals' formal, non-formal and informal learning.
The EQF is a new European tool that should make it easier to understand and compare the different national qualification systems and their levels.
The EQF will make different qualifications more easily readable between different European countries, and so promote increased mobility," Figel' has said.
As previously reported in Europolitics (3400), the EQF will be an EU-wide reference tool, enabling people's qualifications to be easily understood by employers in other member states.