EQIEmotional Quotient Inventory (psychology)
EQIEnvironmental Quality International (est. 1981; Egypt)
EQIEnvironmental Quality Institute (North Carolina)
EQIEducation Queensland International (Australia)
EQIEnvironmental Quality Initiative (various organizations)
EQIEmployment Quality Index
EQIÉvaluation des Qualifications Internationales (French: International Qualifications Evaluation; Canada)
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Methods for calculating the EQI have been published elsewhere (Lobdell et al.
In addition to the national evaluation of the quality of governance, the resulting EQI also takes note of the evaluation of regional administration using regional data which the European Commission has drawn up for the needs of constructing the EQI.
Instituted in 2009, EQI Asset Management specialises in market neutral strategies through equities, listed and OTC derivatives.
We train around 300 girls annually, however, only 30 to 40 girls continue working because of the old-fashioned customs that are still adhered to there," said Maged Nashed, production manager of EQI.
To report the results we first examine the psychometric properties of the EQI and ESB measures.
Reasoning and EQI, but EQI and Appreciation had significant correlations
EQI champions the use of organic farming methods and pre-purchases their crops at a fair market price as well as providing micro-finance schemes.
EPA 2015c), and the EQI provides a single index of environmental quality that accounts for the multiple domains of the environment that encompass an area where humans interact (Lobdell et al.
EQI, a consulting firm and direct investor in sustainable development initiatives, has been actively working since 2000 to protect the fragile ecosystem in Siwa, an oasis in Egypt's Western Desert, as well as provide the local community with employment by building ecolodges.
Maas said EQI has so many ongoing research projects that media coverage and appeals to his expertise are now "almost continuous.
The majority-owned GB Auto subsidiary, as yet unnamed, will partner with microfinance consultant and service provider EQI on a shareholder basis.
means for parameters of finished-water quality, an unweighted sample mean was taken from the responses of 536 water suppliers who completed and returned an EQI questionnaire about their water quality parameters.