EQLTEast Quabbin Land Trust (Hardwick, MA)
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Henshaw said the EQLT is working on a management plan for the West Brookfield site and that will be one of the most critical responsibilities of the land trust, because there are signs the tract has been used a lot by off-road vehicle enthusiasts and it is the intent of the EQLT to prohibit all motorized vehicles from the site.
Volunteers and EQLT staff members were celebrating another benchmark in the protection of the upland meadow.
At our last event (at isolated Prince River Preserve in Barre in May), we had a 6-year-old and we had 60-year-olds,'' said EQLT Director Cynthia Henshaw.
The 30-acre Wendemuth Meadow Preserve, acquired by the EQLT this spring, is described as an "open grassland and wet meadowland.
What we need right now is a management plan," she said during a tour of the land that the EQLT obtained for $69,000.
DeWolf said the Conway School has requested $6,000 for the land assessment and planning work, and the state grant, if approved, will provide 80 percent of that total, with the remainder of the expense to be shared equally by EQLT and the town of West Brookfield.
Sarah Mildren, AmeriCorps volunteer working with the EQLT said a family-friendly trail would be blazed along the river frontage.