EQMSEnterprise Quality Management System
EQMSElectronic Quality Management System (UK)
EQMSEnquiry Management Software (various companies)
EQMSEnquiry Management System (software; Spectrum Info Solutions)
EQMSExamination Quality Measurement System
EQMSEngineering Quality Management System (NAV Canada)
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IQS remains faithful to its roots by ensuring organizations can rely on out-of-the-box, best-practice EQMS core tools for peace of mind and rapid deployment but the Trubox platform opens up limitless possibilities beyond this important objective.
leverages EQMS in a holistic, integrated manner to ensure compliance and bolster quality and continuous improvement initiatives.
EQMS also integrates with other business critical systems to trigger quality alerts with the supply chain, improving communication and aiding in both the internal and external quality risk management process.
Many companies have been using EQMS to monitor compliance and regulation for years.
Pilgrim leverages its commercially available EQMS platform, SmartSolve, to automate key elements of its own corporate quality management program.
Leveraging cloud technology allows life sciences manufacturers to achieve the results described previously and to more rapidly deploy a comprehensive ERP and EQMS system that helps organizations focus on innovation, meet their compliance needs, and preserve capital.
They deliver the same globally accessible, full-strength ERP and EQMS capabilities as on-premise solutions, while reducing the challenge of supporting an IT infrastructure.
This is why many companies place the change request in the process-based EQMS system and use PLM for the execution, or change order, aspects for the subject matter that is managed within that system.
EQMS is modular, with the core modules providing the loading of documents in their 'native' format, such as Word or Acrobat, onto an intranet-based system.
As contractors are held to the same FDA guidelines and requirements as their pharma sponsors, having an EQMS can ensure issues such as deviations, 00S/OOT and complaints are properly and efficiently investigated and brought to resolution through the tracking and managing of the initial report, phased investigation, root cause analysis and any resulting CAPAs and controlled changes, fully closing the quality loop.
In the case of eMDR, medical technology companies can choose between manually entering into the FDA's system or building an automated interface, which requires both EQMS and electronic data interchange (EDI) software packages.
Given its high levels of customer satisfaction and retention rates as well as its continuously expanding customer base, SOLABS is expected to cement its position in the North American EQMS market in the coming years.