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The calculated induced strain based on Eqn (27) is 166.
Once the mean SOC content for each stratum was estimated, then the mean C content for the catchment was estimated using Eqn 3:
The shear stress ratio is calculated using the expression in Eqn (5) obtained from Simulia (2007):
These set of assumptions under such mathematical apparatus lead one to the tedious, but straightforward, derivation, via eqn.
It represents the origin (G(M) = 0) of a water-based space-like coordinate G(M) that is defined by eqn (20) of Smiles (2001), viz.
Values for TP and DRP were plotted against the adjusted Colwell-P, derived from the measured Colwell-P minus the critical P estimated from Eqn 1.
The optiWater software GA was used to minimise functional Eqn (8).
Eqn (4) gives a different account of the Hubble expansion of the universe, and here we outline a new account of the thermal history of the universe.
They verified Eqn 3 in rectangular beds of various sizes packed with glass spheres [d = 0.
These results illustrate the potentials of describing solute transport at greater depths with the CDE using an effective D given by Eqn 11.
Substitution of Eqns (1), (2) and (9) into Eqn (8) yields: