EQOEnvironmental Quality Office
EQOÉvaluation Qualité Officine (French pharmacy quality assessment benchmarks)
EQOEuropean Quality Observatory (Foundation for Quality in eLearning)
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On the basis of ingested food, it was calculated after termination of the experiments that the animals had received daily doses of EQO of 12 mg.
001) as compared to C, GEN and EQO treated mice, while there was no difference between the C, GEN or EQO treated mice.
3]] GEN EQO Mean STD Mean STD Bodyweight After 12 weeks [g] 31.
A source from the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) said the local distributor of the EQO model portals, Defense and Protection System Philippines Inc.
Similarly, the MIAA-procured EQO model portals manufactured by German company Smiths Detection, bounce harmless millimeter waves (low frequency radiation) off passengers' bodies and analyze the reflected data using a generic outline graphic to highlight detected items, both metallic and nonmetallic.
The EQO model portals have been set up at the final security screening checkpoints of the four Naia terminals: three in Terminal 1; five in Terminal 2; five in Terminal 3; and one in Terminal 4.
EQO Communications, a mobile Internet phone services provider, has introduced its new EQO Mobile service which enables users to make international long-distance calls and exchange instant messaging (IM) and text messages on their mobile phones at local calling and messaging rates.
EQO claimed that EQO Mobile provides free international mobile calls, text messages and IM chat with other online EQO users and saves users up to 95% on international mobile calls.
The Miaa general manager said the EQO model portals manufactured by Smiths Detection used an advanced millimeter-wave technology, a low-frequency radiation, to detect concealed objects on a person's body.
Smiths Detection's EQO portal system is reportedly the most advanced scanner in the market acknowledged by the European Civil Aviation Conference.
EQO provides consumers with a presence-enabled mobile service that brings the benefits of low-cost mobile VoIP, instant messaging, and social networking to mass-market mobile handsets and smartphones.
Controlled by EQO mobile application servers, the Convedia CMS-3000 media servers deployed in EQO Communications' data center locations provide VoIP media processing capabilities and call bridging functions for mobile subscribers.