EQSEquus Total Return, Inc. (various locations)
EQSEqualizer System
EQSEnvironmental Quality Standard
EQSEnvironnement Qualité Sécurité (French: Quality Safety Environment)
EQSElite Qualifying Segments (United Airlines Mileage Plus)
EQSEnvironmental Quality Systems
EQSEurope Qualité Services (French: Europe Quality Services)
EQSEquine Quality Spectrum (International Horsemans Institute)
EQSEntangled Quantum State
EQSExtend Quality System (Norway)
EQSÉchelle de Qualité de Soins (French: Quality of Care Scale)
EQSEvent Query Service
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Now based on the solution of Eqs. (21) and (22), we have built a consistent three-dimensional model of the photon: a quantized electromagnetic wave of length n[lambda] with a charged cylindrical surface core of radius [lambda]/2[pi].
We calculated the Ricci tensors of the spacetimes given in equation (4) and put them equal to zero we get the following system of four non-linear partial differential equations in unknown functions (eqs.).
Abdallah Gani, managing director of EQS, said that the company, which has a workforce of 14 and several contract-based specialists, decided to create a Wearside base after spotting the opportunities and infrastructure that exist for technology companies in the area.
2) and Japan (1,10-12) revealed that transient variations of the electric field of the Earth, called Seismic Electric Signals (SES), precede major EQs. When several SESs occur within a short time like a few hours or so, they are called (6) SES activity.
(2)1, the governing equations are given by Eqs. (4) and (5) while the appropriate initial and boundary conditions are given by:
(5) and by using the Laplace transform (7), the longitudinal components of the wave equations (Eqs. (5)-(6)) are described in the Laplace transform domain, as coupled wave equations, as follows:
For the product [[theta].sub.1][[theta].sub.2] we have from Eqs. (7) and (8)
Solving the Eqs (12) and (13) using Duhamel's theorem and Laplace transform method we can obtain the concentrations of species P and Q which is as follows [10]
City were paired with reigning champions Porto -while neighbours Manchester United were handed an eqs ually tough assignment against Dutch giants Ajax in a draw littered with unusually high-profile names.
The technical details of the derivation of Eqs (9) and (10) can be found in Heinloo (2004).
The eQs will also be upgraded to the latest V5 software.
The company said that Pimco EqS Emerging Markets Fund would invest in stocks tied to emerging economies, while the Pimco Emerging Multi-Asset Fund would invest in a combination of stocks and bonds, and may also use hedging techniques.