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EQUATOREnvironment for Qualitative Temporal Reasoning
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Waterhouse informs me, there is nothing in their general appearance which would have led him to imagine that they had come from under the equator.
Thus every 11 years or so, a new cycle begins near the poles, while the previous one still has 11 years to run near the equator.
This partnership will enable a new avenue to assist Equator customers in achieving a significant reduction in time to market," said Rich Christopher, president and CEO of Equator Technologies.
The weather changes because the warmer ocean holds the east-west band of clouds near the equator.
The Babelfish Development Board is available from Equator immediately, along with the iMMediaTools Software Development Toolkit v6.
Windows Media DRM 10 technology in devices based on the BSP-15 processor allows legitimate access to a wealth of premium content, which is a key to proliferation of services and driving volume for OEMs," said John O'Donnell, co-founder, CTO and vice president of Equator Technologies, Inc.
Pace is one of the largest global set top box companies, supporting operators on a range of delivery platforms - cable, satellite, terrestrial and digital broadband media (IPTV)," says John O'Donnell, co-founder and CTO of Equator Technologies.
Equator first demonstrated Windows Media at IBC 2002 with Windows Media High-Definition Video technology on the BSP-15 processor.
Equator won the work - despite the 6,360 mile distance - after pitching for the business over Skype, with the bank being impressed by the agency's proof of concept.
NASDAQ: MATW) has acquired UK-based design agency Equator, Ltd.
This ninth cycle of the Equator Prize, which is a UNDP-led partnership, will focus on local and indigenous groups in rural areas that have developed innovative solutions to protecting, restoring or sustainably managing nature to achieve local sustainable development, including food security, water security, sustainable jobs and livelihoods, and disaster risk reduction.