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EQUIPElectronic Quality Information for Patients (National Health Service; UK)
EQUIPEvaluation and Quality Improvement Program
EQUIPEducational Quality Improvement Program
EQUIPEnsuring the Quality of Urinary Iodine Procedures (US CDC)
EQUIPEquipment Status Product
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The three friends--for, as we have said, Athos had sworn not to stir a foot to equip himself--went out early in the morning, and returned late at night.
I will equip you as ourang-outangs," proceeded the dwarf; "leave all that to me.
Miss Honeychurch, they trusted, would take care to equip herself duly.
In the mean while John Petherick, the English consul at the city of Karthoum, has received about seven hundred pounds from the foreign office; he is to equip a steamer at Karthoum, stock it with sufficient provisions, and make his way to Gondokoro; there, he will await Captain Speke's caravan, and be able to replenish its supplies to some extent.
of it will remain in my hands; because, with that gold, I will build granaries, castles, cities, and harbors; because I will create a marine, I will equip navies that shall waft the name of France to the most distant people; because I will create libraries and academies; because I will make France the first country in the world, and the wealthiest.
We want you to manufacture, we want to equip a swarm of hornets under your direction.