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ER+Estrogen Receptor-Positive
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Surprisingly, and in sharp contrast with the common thought, which hypothesized the existence of a population of common progenitors that give rise to ER+ and ER-cells, they found that the ER+ lineage is maintained by a lineage restricted ER+ luminal stem cells, able to ensure ER+ lineage expansion during pubertal development, and long-term renewing capacities of ER+ lineage in adult mice during cycle of pregnancy-involution.
When compared with all stages combined, stratification by stage highlights the clear separation of the ER+ and ER- subtypes.
Since ER- tumors, which have lower survival rates and are less dependent on estrogen levels than ER+ tumors, account for only 15-20 percent of breast cancers, large pooled analyses are needed to determine the suspected link to lower ER- breast cancer risk and the consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Women with estrogen-positive (ER+) breast cancers have a slight but statistically significant loss of their sense of smell, according to a report in the Aug.