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ER-Estrogen Receptor-Negative
ER-E Rosette-Negative (hematology)
ER-Estadiol Receptor-Negative
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The ER- subtype that makes up this classification had survival that was 8.1% lower than the ER+/PR+/HER2+.
The results of this study also demonstrate that when assessing survival using the ER/PR/HER2 subtypes, all of the ER+ subtypes have better survival and adjusted mortality than all of the ER- subtypes with one exception.
There are many subtypes of breast cancer including ER- and ER positive (ER+) tumors and each may have distinct etiologies.
Steven Lehrer and his colleagues looked at 25 women with ER+ breast cancers, 21 women with estrogen-receptor negative (ER-) cancers and 46 cancer-free women matched with these two groups for age, sex, race and smoking habits.