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ERADException Reporting and Alarm Display
ERADER Associated Protein Degradation (biology)
ERADElectronic Recovery and Access to Data (law enforcement)
ERADEnterprise Rapid Application Development
ERADEndoplasmic reticulum-associated protein degradation
ERADEn Route Radar
ERADEconomic and Regulatory Analysis Division (OPPE)
ERADEvaluation Research and Development
ERADElectronic Route Availability Document (Central Flow Management Unit; Eurocontrol)
ERADException Reporting and Alarm Distribution
ERADEliminate Record Administration Duplication
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on Radar Meteorology, Delft, Netherlands, ERAD, 312-317.
HEV's equipped with ERAD place an electric machine on the rear axle of the vehicle.
Expression of XBP1 and EDEM1 suggested induction of ERAD pathway, which in turn stimulates ER chaperones.
Disease-related proteins can also interact with ERAD components, precluding the translocation of ERAD substrates from the ER to the cytosol, leading to the accumulation of abnormally folded proteins at the ER.
37) Furthermore, it was demonstrated that these amino acids are involved in the recognition of ERAD substrates such as A[T.
While this study indicated that MARCH6 was involved in degradation of D2, it did not show that D2 was being degraded by ERAD.
A senior company official, who asked not to be named, refused to say whether a production version of ERAD would be brought to market but noted that while "under Ford we might have had the resources to develop all the various technologies we need, we have to be more choosy under Tara.
And he was shown the new ERAD (Electric Rear Axle Drive) Freelander, which was unveiled to the public at the prestigious show.
Aberrant proteins are bound by chaperone proteins, such as GRP 78, to be repaired or transported into the ER-associated ubiquitin-proteasome system for degradation via the ERAD pathway, which serves as an accurate quality control system.
The modified e_Terrain, integrated with the ERAD diesel-hybrid, would add an eco mode.