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ERADER Associated Protein Degradation (biology)
ERADEndoplasmic reticulum-associated protein degradation
ERADEn Route Radar
ERADEconomic and Regulatory Analysis Division (OPPE)
ERADException Reporting and Alarm Distribution
ERADEvaluation Research and Development
ERADElectronic Route Availability Document (Central Flow Management Unit; Eurocontrol)
ERADEliminate Record Administration Duplication
ERADEnterprise Rapid Application Development
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The ERAD pathway helps the cancer cells cope with the misfolded proteins and proteotoxic stress.
Study data show that HER2-positive breast cancer cells become addicted to the ERAD pathway.
The researchers also looked for other "stress-related" pathways that act downstream of ERAD to augment therapeutic inhibition of ERAD.
And he was shown the new ERAD (Electric Rear Axle Drive) Freelander, which was unveiled to the public at the prestigious show.
Gordon Brown casts an eye over Jaguar's ERAD Freelander, currently in development at Gaydon, during a recent visit to the company's design centre.
In addition to being the first ERAD tool, Visual Cafe for Java, Enterprise Suite also represents a major foray into the market for tools for building Java applications that run in large networks, or "enterprises" as they are sometimes known -- a market in which Symantec has made significant progress.
ERAD -- the next generation of Java development tools
As the first true ERAD tool, Visual Cafe for Java, Enterprise Suite also provides other key features for distributed development in addition to a single system image and distributed debugging: