ERAIEntreprise Rhône Alpes International (French)
ERAIElectronic Resellers Association International (est. 1995; Naples, FL)
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El periodico Folha de Sao Paulo (Hennemann, 2011) anuncio que ese ano la empresa habia cosechado un 17 % mas que Erai Maggi Scheffer, del Grupo Bom Futuro, lo que superaba las 670 mil toneladas de soja.
ERAI, MSWEP, CMORPH, and 3B42V7 nearly are equivalent having a lower magnitude of MRE (10-20%) below the 25th, whereas CMORPH and 3B42V7 outperform better in capturing relatively higher percentile threshold values.
Kristal Snider of ERAI provided me with a couple of counterfeiting examples.
The agreement was signed in Suwa, Nagano Preffecture, by officials of the Suwa Techno Lakeside Regional Center and the French industry support groups Thesame and Erai from the Haute-Savoie region.
The company reported its finding to ERAI, an electronics information services firm representing component makers and resellers.
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This study also examines a wide range of different managerial applications at the local level, developing what we call the extended reinvention adoption index (ERAI).
The theoretically expected sign for explanatory variable ERAI is positive.
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