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ERALEarth Religions Assistance List
ERALE-Reviews in Applied Linguistics and Language Learning
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I took up a book and begun something about Gen- eral Washington and the wars.
Halliford, it seemed, was deserted, and sev- eral of the houses facing the river were on fire.
We- we'll do our--we-we'll d-d-do--do our best, Gen- eral." The general made a passionate gesture and galloped away.
The week before our intended start, I wrote sev- eral protections, one for each of us.
French contractor Eral is building a new irrigation system for the banana sector with euro3.6 million from the European Commission, which has allocated up to euro22 million to restructure the industry, said Helena Laakso, EC representative in Suriname.
"We had to paint out the letters 'eral', so it just read Fun Service.
There are more than 100 galleries here, sev- eral emphasising the area's Native American heritage.
Rental Owners Association - Gen- eral membership meeting.
Another theme deals with the mechanism of experimentation and assessment of therapeutics: sev eral papers show how these were stimulated by the confrontation with lay practices and heterodox theories, such as mesmerism or homeopathy; or in the XXth century, by the competition between clinical physicians and patented researchers in pharmaceutical laboratories (Sophie Chauveau).
The military official said the plane might have crashed around the villages of Dila, Hoya or Eral, about 300 kilometers south of Jayapura.
It takes a positive mind-set, planning and an informed approach to come out a winner in what Eral Burks, president of Minority Executive Search Inc.
The two mutant screens differed slightly in detail but followed the same gen- eral strategy.