ERAOEmployee Relations Advisory Organization (est. 1972)
ERAOEastern Regional Audit Office
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While the target of the film's ire is consumerism, these national ERAOs and their counterparts at the state level are focused on enacting sweeping education policy changes to increase accountability for student achievement, improve teacher quality, turn around failing schools, and expand school choice.
Many of the ERAOs emerged from the frustration of charter school operators--and their supporters in the business and civil rights communities--at the restrictions placed on charter operations and growth.
ERAOs use these data to create a sense of urgency and to craft detailed evidence-based policy recommendations.
The ERAOs take advantage of data microtargeting capabilities to identify potential supporters and use social media like Twitter and Facebook to regularly inform and mobilize them for advocacy.
While many ERAOs share goals and move on parallel paths, and coordinate where it makes sense, no one group dominates or is in charge.
To the degree that there is an organizational home for ERAOs, it seems to be the PIE Network, which held its first meeting in 2007.
Nonetheless, despite the increasing communication among ERAOs, it appears to be too early to speak of them as constituting a coordinated movement, and given some of the challenges and divisions identified below, they may never become one.
It is difficult to precisely gauge their impact, but it is clear that ERAOs are having a large--and increasing--influence on education debates at the state and national levels and that their efforts have contributed significantly to the passage of important legislation.
While the ERAOs emphasize bipartisanship so that they can work effectively with policymakers on both sides of the aisle, the groups confront two very different challenges related to partisan politics.
Over the past two years, ERAOs have shown that they can mobilize quickly and effectively on behalf of reform.