ERASTEnvironmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology (NASA)
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According to recent media reports, the previously unknown Erast company has indirect connections to Synergon Holding's Toplivo, the other big Bulgarian producer of propane-butane cylinders.
Although pic's script assumes some awareness of sleuthing abilities of Poirot-like hero Erast Fandorin (Menshikov), hardly any knowledge of Akunin's original thrillers or "Turkish Gamibit" is necessary.
In fact, the inspiration for Sylvain came from a German-language source, the much-read Swiss writer Salomon Gessner's one-act pastoral Erast, which provided Marmontel with the themes of virtue in poverty, the disinherited son, and the family reunited.
The Leviathan of the title is the lavish cruise ship where detective extraordinaire Erast Fandorin has the tricky task of solving the hideous murder of an eccentric art collector and nine members of his staff.
Set in 1878, mostly aboard a luxury liner, the Leviathan, heading to India, Russian diplomat Erast Fandorin is drawn into a murder investigation.
How or exactly when this matter was resolved is not clear, but it was shortly after this time that Gottsched presented Kulmus a "little comedy" with a hero named "Erast" [sic].
Equally phastasmagoric-"chameleon-like" was the common critical description--was Meyerhold's title character Khlestakov, brilliantly embodied (even the production's harshest opponents agreed) by Erast Garin, a spindly, vacant-faced actor with astonishing physical dexterity.
Now up to eleven installments, the Erast Petrovich Fandorin series evokes pre-Revolution Czarist Russia and Europe.
Any reader who thinks he or she has detective Erast Fandorin figured out after reading Winter Queen and Leviathan (the two other Akunin titles translated so far from the Russian) should be prepared for a far different style and setting.
Erast Fandorin Yegor Beroyev Varvara Suvorova Olga Krasko Zyrov Dmitri Pevtsov McLaughlin Daniel Olbrychski Perepelkin Aleksandr Likov Gridnev Marat Basharov General Mizinov Vladimir Ilyin Zurov Dmitri Pevtsov D'Evre Didier Bienaime Lukan Victor Verzhbitsky General Sobolev Aleksandr Baluyev Kazinaki Aleksei Guskov Ismail-Bei Gosha Kutsenko (Russian, Turkish, French dialogue) An even bigger hit on home turf than its 2004 smash hit "Night Watch," Russian broadcaster-turned-producer Channel 1's latest local click is the self-consciously retro adventure-mystery, "Turkish Gambit." Showcasing lavish period trappings, but slightly ropier lensing and effects, pic is assembled with flair by Uzbek helmer Dzhanik Fauziev, here making a transition to features from TV and theater.