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ERATEffective-to-Real Address Translation
ERATEnterprise Rent-A-Truck (Enterprise Commercial Truck)
ERATEnvironmental Requirements Advanced Technology
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"True, no doubt," said Don Fernando, "for which reason, Senor Don Quixote, you ought to forgive him and restore him to the bosom of your favour, sicut erat in principio, before illusions of this sort had taken away his senses."
Let the reader now imagine what an investment of funds it would require to rewrite the architectural book; to cause thousands of edifices to swarm once more upon the soil; to return to those epochs when the throng of monuments was such, according to the statement of an eye witness, "that one would have said that the world in shaking itself, had cast off its old garments in order to cover itself with a white vesture of churches." Erat enim ut si mundus, ipse excutiendo semet, rejecta vetustate, candida ecclesiarum vestem indueret .
Erat quoque in eodem loco unica spinosa arbor, brevis admodum (quam nos ipsi nostris propriis oculis vidimus).
Life itself may be resolved into three words: ERAT, EST, FUIT."
(80) '[anci]le scutum [breu]e erat. quod [regn]ante numa [pompilio cum] pestilens [esset] annus e [celo] cecidisse [fertu]r.
Among the most important biblical passages affecting contemporary understandings of translation was the first chapter of the Gospel of John, which began: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." The Latin Vulgate, the Church's standard Bible, translated the original Greek Logos of this passage as verbum, so that it read: In principio erat verbum, et verbum apud deum, et deus erat verbum.
Pit iusto dolortie verciliquam ver si ea aliquatue con ut do con vel duiscil luptatetue dolore dolendre tatiscip elisis nos nis dipsum nullan henit volendionse modolenibh erat. Uscinciduip exerci bla feugiam ex enisl et, sit, vel ut ut vel dolore feum illa commolum deliquat.
ego enim aravi, sevi, messui, nec quispiam erat fortior!
Driving this deep-seated prejudice is the incredibly bizarre belief that the United States was founded entirely by "racially pure" white people, who regarded everyone else as "The Other." Therefore, it follows, quod erat demonstratum, that such paragons would never have sexual relations with anyone who was not also "pure white." In her fascinating, path-breaking study, Jolie A.
Magno and Cubarubias, of Dumarao town in Capiz, were tagged as behind the ambush-slay of Jun Apura, husband of Mayor Ligaya Apura of Lemery town in Iloilo, and his driver, Rodel Erat Lope, shortly before May 2013 elections.