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ERBCEndoscopic Retrograde Brush Cytology
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ERBCExact Radiation Boundary Condition
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The meshes are the same for SM and ERBC boundary conditions.
Order p Element [dim.sub.K] [nnz.sub.K] Count DGM-TM-ME 4 848 38,160 1,973,384 DGM-TM-ME + ERBC 4 848 38,160 2,640,284 DGM-TM-WE 4 848 12,720 378,750 DGM-TM-WE + ERBC 4 848 12,720 452,850 DGM-TM-WH 4 848 25,440 1,514,615 DGM-TM-WH + ERBC 4 848 25,440 1,811,015 [t.sub.fill] (s) [t.sub.factor] (s) DGM-TM-ME 2.7 1.9 DGM-TM-ME + ERBC 4.4 3.4 DGM-TM-WE 1.8 1.0 DGM-TM-WE + ERBC 2.4 5.0 DGM-TM-WH 2.5 6.8 DGM-TM-WH + ERBC 3.7 11.0 Table 2.
In addition, we formulate exact radiating boundary conditions (ERBCs) for the DGM.
As an alternative, we use exact radiating boundary conditions (ERBCs).
When implementing ERBCs for FVTD it was found that evaluating the integration surface values using elements inside the volume it encloses provided stable solutions [25], and we maintain that approach herein.
The combination of ERBCs and more accurate geometric modelling achieves better error levels than the 6th order simulations on the original meshes.
The DGM solution has 3% error with ERBCs (8% without) relative to the FEM solution, with fill and factor times not exceeding 2.5 seconds with ERBCs.
The wave equation formulations also permit locally varying field order, locally varying constitutive parameters, and are compatible with exact radiating boundary conditions (ERBCs).
ERBCs improve the overall accuracy of the scheme and provide a mechanism for validating computational models using Silver-Muller boundary conditions: if solutions with and without ERBCs do not differ substantially, Silver-Muller conditions are sufficient.
So far, I signed two MoUs as the chairman of the ERBC. They are quite strategic agreements, because they involve collaboration of the council with different organisations, as we want more associations to come and join this collaboration to open a network of contact with different associations to present Russian business.