ERBOLEducación Radiofónica de Bolivia (Spanish: Educational Radio in Bolivia)
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On July 3, during an interview on the television station Abya Yala (the ancient name original inhabitants gave to America), Quintana referred to the "systematic attacks launched by Erbol and Fides against everything the government does, and denounced that "this attitude stems from our rejection of Fides' blackmail" during Morales' first term (2006-2010).
Tambien ERBOL creo en 1991 su agencia de noticias como complemento a sus actividades educativas de radio.
Comunicadores y entidades sociales y populares de America Latina, convocados por ERBOL (Educacion Radiofonica de Bolivia) con motivo de su XXV aniversario, y atendiendo a una iniciativa de las organizaciones catolicas de comunicacion (OCIC-AL, UCLAP Y UNDA-AL) nos hemos reunido en La Paz, Bolivia, del 13 al 18 de julio de 1992, para analizar los principales desafios de la actualidad en la region y sobre todo en la comunicacion social.
Aidyn Ashuyev was appointed Chairman of the Committee on Public Procurement and Erbol Karashukeyev as a Chairman of the Treasury Committee.
The court hearings of the case of former head of the Border Service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Nurlan Zhulamanov are set for January 26, 2015, Novosti-Kazakhstan reports citing judge Erbol Akhmetzhanov.
24, an Erbol radio network reporter gave a dramatic account from there, saying that the mayor had asked the government to send Army troops to quell the protest and that, in a real clash of poor against poor, neighbors were arming to avoid more looting.
Erbol Bakirov was the best among young people in the world and Akjol Makhmudov and Muslim Evloyev were the strongest at the Asian Championships in Bishkek.
Wrestlers Akjol Makhmudov and Erbol Bakirov received commemorative medals from the State Agency for Sport for their contribution to the development of sports in Kyrgyzstan, the department reports.
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Sportsman from Kyrgyzstan Erbol Bakirov won a gold medal at the 2018 Junior World Championships in Trnava, Slovakia.