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ERBSEarth Radiation Budget Satellite
ERBSEarthquake-Resistant Bracing System (California Department of Housing and Community Development)
ERBSEarth Radiation Budget Sensor
ERBSErregungsrückbildungsstörungen (German: Repolarization Abnormalities)
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The Phanfasms were Erbs, and so dreaded by mortals and immortals alike that no one had been near their mountain home for several thousand years.
I am told that the Erbs are the most powerful and merciless of all the evil spirits, and the Phanfasms of Phantastico belong to the race of Erbs.
I'm not one for idling, and it gives me the fidgets to be there and do nothing all day long, so I said to 'Erb, I'm just going to get up and cook your dinner for you."
'Erb was sitting at table with his knife and fork already in his hands.
Husband and wife laughed at Philip's expression, and 'Erb getting up went over with Philip to the cradle.
He took up his hat, and by this time 'Erb's wife had dished up the beefsteak and put on the table a plate of green peas.
"I suppose you'd be above sittin' down and 'avin' a bit of dinner with us?" said 'Erb.
Polly was flustered, and she thought 'Erb a regular caution, you never knew what ideas 'e'd get in 'is 'ead next; but she got a plate and wiped it quickly with her apron, then took a new knife and fork from the chest of drawers, where her best cutlery rested among her best clothes.
'Erb had been a football player before he married, and there were photographs on the wall of various teams in self-conscious attitudes, with neatly plastered hair, the captain seated proudly in the middle holding a cup.
'Erb and his wife in Sunday clothes; on the chimney-piece an elaborate arrangement of shells stuck on a miniature rock; and on each side mugs, `A present from Southend' in Gothic letters, with pictures of a pier and a parade on them.
When they had finished Philip passed his pouch over to 'Erb and they lit their pipes; then he got up, for a `call' might be waiting for him at his rooms, and shook hands.
"Well, good-bye, sir," said 'Erb, "and I 'ope we shall 'ave as nice a doctor next time the missus disgraces 'erself."