ERCAEuropean Ropes Course Association
ERCAEssex Region Conservation Authority
ERCAEuropean Renal Care Association
ERCAEducational Research Center of America (Lynbrook, NY)
ERCAElections, Reapportionment and Constitutional Amendments Committee (California State Assembly)
ERCAElectrochemically Regenerable Co Absorber
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Por consiguiente, el paciente en HD esta abonado a padecer algun tipo de dolor, bien sea inherente a las alteraciones osteoarticulares propias de la ERCA, relacionado con la tecnica sustitutiva o bien debido a la comorbilidad anadida.
Upon closing (which is scheduled for October 2015), ERCA would be held as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ER Holdings and continue to be operated on a day-to-day basis by its current management.
As part of Solvay's investment plans and also to accompany our customers' growth we've invested in a multipurpose plant in Germany and a recent investment in the Netherlands where Solvay has completed the acquisition of ERCA Emery Surfactant BV," he said.
Rajesh P Yadav, VP - Sales, Africa said, “We are certainly happy that Micro Sun & Solutions PLC has received the ERCA certification and with this, the hospitality industry in the country has a fantastic opportunity to access a 360 degree software offering.
La importancia de medir las ERCA reside en que predicen el consumo de alcohol (Stacy, Newcomb y Bentler, 1991) y la cantidad y frecuencia con que este se ingiere (Lee, Oei y Greely, 1999; Leeman, Toll, Taylor y Volpicelli, 2009); discriminan entre bebedores problema y no problema (Brown, Christiansen y Goldman, 1987) y han demostrado ser efectivas en predecir el consumo en diferentes poblaciones, como ninos (Pilatti, Godoy y Brussino, 2011; 2012), adolescentes (Patrick, Wray-Lake, Finlay y Maggs 2010; Pilatti et al.
SolvayA will also enter into a partnership with ERCA to produce its products for the construction and textile market segments.
Shanahan joined ERCA in October of 2004 and was most recently senior vice president of surety with responsibility for managing Endurance's surety operation globally, as well as chief planning officer of Endurance Worldwide Reinsurance.
137) Based on a review of ERCA, MERC determined that "the provisions relating to arbitration in the PPA are inconsistent with [section] 22(2)(n) of ERCA.
3 million Mexicans were ultimately legalized under ERCA, virtually all of whom had undocumented friends and relatives living in Mexico with a potential interest in migrating themselves.
Second, ERCA shoreline development regulations only extended along limited shoreline areas at the outlets of watercourses.