ERCBEnergy Resources Conservation Board
ERCBElectronic Review of Computer Books
ERCBEmployment Relations in Contemporary Britain (UK)
ERCBEngineering Review Control Board (US NASA)
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Key players included Alberta Energy, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Development, and the ERCB (or, for a period of time, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board that exercised the authority of the ERCB).
The current directive, ERCB Directive 038, was issued in February 2007 and is seen by most jurisdictions as one of North America's best.
That determination was announced in a news release in which the ERCB stated, "Following a comprehensive review and assessment, and a third-party engineering review of the incident, the Energy Resources Conservation Board has provided conditional approval to Plains Midstream Canada (Plains) to resume operations of the NPS 20 Rainbow Pipeline.
The ERCB has directed Plains Midstream to undertake further investigations before considering a re-start of the pipeline.
This requires an Energy Development Application to the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), under Part 4 of the Pipeline Act, in compliance with ERCB Directive 56.
The ERCB forecasts Alberta s annual raw crude bitumen production will total 605.
By giving industry and First Nations no alternative but to deal with each other, it appears that Alberta has compelled both parties to confront their greatest shared fear-that they will come to an impasse which will lead to an ERCB hearing.
After receiving Phase 1 approvals the Company plans to complete and submit the Phase 2 EIA and ERCB applications which will be required to reach the full production rate of 12.
Tomlinson noted that the ERCB was monitoring the condition of Little Buffalo School, located in Cadotte Lake, with the help of the Northland School Division.
By 1975 the ERCB had grown in size to some 600 people.
The ERCB is now able to receive all electronic submissions.
The ERCB held that it does not have jurisdiction to consider the adequacy of consultation efforts in relation to the Osum Oilsands Corp.