ERCBEnergy Resources Conservation Board
ERCBElectronic Review of Computer Books
ERCBEmployment Relations in Contemporary Britain (UK)
ERCBEngineering Review Control Board (US NASA)
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336) See Alberta Energy Regulator, "Directive 038: Noise Control" (Calgary: ERCB, 16 February 2007).
Key players included Alberta Energy, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Development, and the ERCB (or, for a period of time, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board that exercised the authority of the ERCB).
To comply with the directive, producers are required to make submissions to the ERCB on how they will meet the new requirements and identify any project-specific constraints that may have a bearing on meeting the requirements.
The company has reported that ERCB (Alberta Energy Resources Control Board) has approved the enhanced oil recovery scheme, as a result of which the Marten Mountain 102/14-1-75-6W5 well has been granted Good Production Practice status, effective immediately.
If successful an application for a primary recovering development or SAGD Pilot plant will be submitted to the ERCB within the next twelve months.
The ERCB held a hearing in Pincher Creek in March to consider the applications and hear concerns.
As part of this process, final supplementary information requests ("SIRs") were received from the ERCB in November and formal written responses have recently been submitted.
By 1988 the ERCB had a brand-new directive in place which was periodically reviewed.
The application was received by the government regulatory board on July 27, confirmed Bob Curran, ERCB spokesman.
The ERCB has directed Plains Midstream to undertake further investigations before considering a re-start of the pipeline.
It was a pivotal moment when Millard recognized that spreadsheets weren't enough; the ERCB had to deal with people and their emotions too.
The ERCB forecasts Alberta s annual raw crude bitumen production will total 605.