ERCC4Excision Repair Cross Complementing 4 (gene)
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The occurrence of polymorphic variants in 51Gln/His, 64Ile/Val, and 148Asp/Glu of APEX gene; 23Gly/Ala of XPA gene; and 689Ser/Arg of ERCC4 gene was studied with the TaqMan technique.
We did not find any significant influence of 64Ile/Val polymorphism of APEX gene (Table 5) and 689Ser/Arg polymorphism of ERCC4 gene (Table 6) on modulation of CRC risk.
Moreover, increased risk of colorectal cancer was revealed for pairs Gln/His-Arg/Arg (51Gln/His APEX-689Ser/Arg ERCC4), Val/Val-Asp/Glu (64Ile/Val APEX-148Asp/Glu APEX), Val/Val-Gly/Ala (64Ile/Val APEX-23Gly/Ala XPA), and Asp/Glu-Gly/Ala (148Asp/Glu APEX-23Gly/Ala XPA); while at the same time, risk was decreased for pairs Ile/Val-Asp/Asp (64Ile/Val APEX-148Asp/Glu APEX), Ile/Val-Gly/Gly, and Ile/Val-Ala/Ala (64Ile/Val APEX-23Gly/Ala XPA) as well as Asp/Asp-Gly/Ala and Asp/Glu-Gly/Gly (148Asp/Glu APEX23Gly/Ala XPA).
The first thing worth noting is the increased risk of CRC in the case of co-occurrence of genotype 51Gln/His of APEX gene with 64Val/Val of APEX gene when compared to risk associated only with 51Gln/His (OR 2.266 (1.1204.585); p = 0.022 versus 1.706 (1.174-2.480); p = 0.005) and similar increased risk of CRC in the case of co-occurrence of genotype 51Gln/His of APEX gene with 689Arg/Arg ERCC4 (OR 2.464 (1.247-4.870); p = 0.009 versus 1.706 (1.174-2.480); p = 0.005).
Genotypes 51Gln/His and 148Asp/Glu of APEX gene and 23Gly/Ala of XPA gene may increase the risk of CRC, while polymorphisms of 64Ile/Val of APEX gene and 689Ser/Arg of ERCC4 gene have no effect on modulating the risk.
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Genes or Results proteins TS, DPD, TP, Tumor TS expression level of [less than or equal ERCC1, ERCC4, to] 344.19 x [10.sup.-3] improved survival.
The ERCC4 gene can therefore be responsible for three different diseases.
Association between single nucleotide polymorphisms in ERCC4 and risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.