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Due to the randomness of witness selection and detection routes, the methods LSM, RED and ERCD could not ensure the encounter mentioned above.
Similar to the protocols ERCD and LSCD, a ring structure with the BS as the center is used in our work to ensure the encounter of the witnesses and the detection routes.
Furthermore, the communication load is lower than the similar method ERCD.
To the best of our knowledge, the best two methods are energy-efficient ring-based clone detection (ERCD) protocol and low-storage clone detection (LSCD) protocol described in [10, 11], respectively.
In ERCD [10], the witnesses of each node form a witness ring in a randomly selected network ring, and a witness header which is responsible for clone detection is selected randomly from all the witnesses.
This then allowed us to uniquely develop TOLAC and ERCD groups with well balanced covariates with minimal bias.”
Using this model, Gilbert and her colleagues estimate savings of $138.6 million per 100,000 women, and that 1,703 quality-adjusted life-years could be gained if TOLAC as a mode of delivery were chosen over ERCD. Unlike previous studies, the cost data for this analysis was obtained from several sources, including US national sources, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the American Medical Association.
Before the 1980s, obstetricians performed ERCD for women with a previous cesarean birth routinely because of the risk for uterine rupture among women in labor who had uterine scars, a complication associated with high perinatal and maternal mortality (2,3,5,6).
study of 20,000 women with previous cesarean births found that women who had TOLAC, especially women who had labor induced by prostaglandins, were more likely to have uterine rupture than those women with ERCD and no labor (9).