ERCHEnergy Research Clearing House
ERCHExtracorporeal Regional Complexing Haemodialysis (methylmercury poisoning treatment)
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Acronym Plant species Common name Palatability Forbs ERCH Erigeron Dwarf yellow Unpalatable chrysopsidis fleabane Grasses AGSP Agropyron spicatum Bluebunch wheatgrass Palatable AREL Arrhenatherum elatus Tall oatgrass Moderate BRCA Bromus carinatus Mountain brome Moderate DACA Danthonia Low californica DAGL Dacylis glomerata Orchardgrass Moderate FEID Festuca idahoensis Idaho fescue Low STOC Stipa occidentalis Western needlegrass Moderate TRCA Trisetum canescans Tall trisetum Moderate Sedges CAGE Carex geyeri Elk sedge Moderate Carex Carex spp.
As part of the effort, the leaders of Japan and Mongolia in March 2013 concluded the ERCH Initiative (in Mongolian, erch means vitality), aimed at achieving two pillars: development of an investment environment and cooperation for Mongolia s sustainable economic development.