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"As well as patrolling the coast, ERCI do life-guarding for refugee children on the odd days when they are allowed out of the camps.
[31,34] Bunlardan ilki, Yagmur'un [34] yuruttugu sagligi gelistirme modeline dayali yari deneysel arastirma, digeri Kilic ve Erci [31] tarafindan SiM kullanilarak yapilan deneysel bir arastirmadir.
Among these proposals, the one connecting erci and PS *'arwly deserves further consideration, regardless of whether this is era's "real" etymology.
Apart from adapting the language game, sampling is significant in this translation: Turkish-German rappers in the 1990's often sampled Turkish music of the 1970's, "liberation music" like Baris Mango--whom the rapper Erci E calls "the James Brown of Turkish rap" (Kaya 2001, p.
(30) Jiang Bingkun, "Erci jiangchenhui de lishi yiyi" (The Historical Significance of the Second Jiang-Chen Meeting), Disijie liangan heping yanjiu xueshu yantaohui (The Fourth Symposium on Research on Cross-Strait Peace), organised by the Institute of International Affairs' East Asian Department, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Dec.
Women yiqi zouguo--shanghai fangzhi erci cuangye shouji [We went through together--record of the recreation of Shanghai textile industry].
Down-regulation of the ERci and PR was also observed, accompanied by a significantly decreased number of implantation sites.
Zhongguo Guomindang diyi, erci quanguo daibiao dahui huiyi shiliao [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Historical materials on the first and second national congresses of the Chinese Nationalist Party].
For example, the recent earthquake in Erci?, Turkey provided an opportunity for a thaw in Turkish-Israeli relations, with Israeli specialists providing badly needed assistance to Turkish earthquake victims.
Di erci zhuanxing guojia zhidu jianshe (The Second Transition: State Institutions-Building).
Similarly, in many studies it has been reported that males were at greater risk for substance abuse, hygiene, and psychosocial behaviors (Cimen & Savaser, 2003; Erci, 1999; Kara et al., 2003; Kallestal et al., 2006; Ruangkanchanasetr et al., 2005).